How Covid-19 Has Affected Travel

Covid-19 - Corona Virus

We more often plan big things for ourselves without knowing what the next minute holds for us. Corona or COVID-19 came to our lives in one such way– surprising, unpredictable, and without any prior notice or not even a warning.

Initially, most of the people took it as just another news, until the hard-hitting news of coronavirus update of the rising number of death count from adjacent countries and the Hon'ble Prime Minister's address to the nation knockout our screens.

Travel Industry Worst Hit by COVID-19

During this time of a global pandemic, the travel industry is one of the hardest-hit by the outbreak of novel coronavirus. This virus has affected the economies of all the republics and nations and left its impact on all small- & large-scale industries, leaving travel and tourism as one of the most affected due to any external or internal shocks or stresses.

While most countries have already been placed under lockdowns, many others are moving towards similar measures. With the government now taking several steps to tackle the challenge, the situation seems to have become very serious. While international flights had already been constrained, the stoppage of trains, metros, taxis, local buses, and domestic flights already impacted the tourism sector. In this regard, the latest epidemic of COVID-19 virus has caused havoc all over the globe.

At this time, tourism which is one of the biggest and fastest-growing industries is dealing with unprecedented turbulence, the closure of borders, and more limitations will just worsen the blow. Whereas the financial impact of the outbreak is cannot be calculated quite yet and the losses & fatalities that would be incurred yet to be estimated, if the condition doesn’t come back to normalcy in a short span, the losses in terms of lives as well as economy across the world could be gigantic.

Coronavirus Hits Airlines

Since the early beginning of 2020, more and more countries across the world shut down borders and restrict travel as a response to the novel coronavirus outbreak. Thus, called off almost all flights to control the spread of the COVID-19 has affected the entire airline industry worldwide.

  • With national, as well as international travel, closed, demand for turbine fuel will significantly decline.
  • Large scale cancellations. As per the latest travel updates, the hotel, aviation, and travel & tourism sector together may suffer a loss of about billion dollars due to travel limitations imposed on foreign travelers.
  • Inbound, as well as Outbound travel from one country to another, will be at an all-time low.
  • Impact of coronavirus epidemic likely to be felt on both blue as well as white-collar jobs.