Traveler's Guide To Enjoy At Home During COVID-19 Quarantine

Stay Home During Covid-19 Quarantine

Stay At Home – Enjoy Every Moment

Since traveling during the coronavirus epidemic has been put on hold, at this time travel lovers can explore some other alternatives from the comfort of home:

Plan itineraries you have been dreaming of

As per coronavirus travel advice, travel is not possible this time, so one can make a list of their dream destinations worldwide and discuss them with the travel agent/ trip organizer, via email or audio/ video call, to figure out the best season to visit. This amazing time can also be utilized to plan the budget and make a thorough itinerary for the trip.

Read those books lying on your shelf

Pick a book you always wanted to read but knew had no time to finish.

Creative cooking

You can start consuming time to empty your cupboards of food and cook creatively. For this, you can explore different cuisines and dishes on the internet.

Web series to binge-watch

This is the perfect time to catch up on all the web series and movies in the long list one made.

Focus on yourself

You can start being creative again: start writing a novel or book, or start painting or drawing again. There will be no better time than this. So, you could also start doing exercise/yoga every morning and meditation.

Enjoy time with your children

People must use this exciting opportunity to spend quality time with family and create beautiful memories. Might be this is the time you actually realize that you want to work less in the future and spend more time with your family.

Manage home chores

It has mostly been either office work or household chores for all of us. For the first time, you could plan your day and manage 100% of both simultaneously without compromising on any of the two. Your home will look like a prettier version of home, with cleaner and greener corners.

Explore different types of sports

This precious time can also be used to explore the different kinds of adventure sports that are easily available using the internet so that one can take part in them once the threat of COVID-19 goes away.

During this emergency, the citizens have no other responsibility but to stay at home and stay safe, follow the hygiene protocol, and follow the coronavirus guidelines given by the health authorities. By following these few simple measures, the world can fight off this pandemic.


  1. You have touched every aspect of life & lucidly described the real possibilities. Seems like someone has written this blog with full heart.